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Overall, I had a fantastic time nest searching and mistnetting and would recommend it to people with a high tolerance for extremely challenging field conditions, camping, and lack of personal space. Below are some specific comments — be aware that I was at San Pedro and visited Pantiacolla for a week and conditions vary hugely among the stations. The challenges are much longer than the highlights. This is because there are more details to explain — every day in the field was a highlight for me. Highlights: 1. Location and wildlife are spectacular. The forest at San Pedro ranges from beautiful moss and epiphyte laden cloud forest to bamboo stands to early successional scrub in former land slide areas.


Jessica standing on the right with her host family and another TSC helper By Jessica Morales In ninth arrange I became interested in Technology Services Corps, a non profit organization all the rage Seattle that fixes up used computers then goes to underserved areas about the world to install them all the rage schools. That same summer I went on a trip to Guatemala after that loved it. I was excited en route for be going to South America, en route for stay with a host family, en route for visit the equator, to visit the city of Quito, but I by no means thought about the in between bits—the middle part of encountering such things that I never expected.

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